Educational Records

(Exact noting of the field – Name of school or university – city – country – date of start and end of the course)

Diploma: Mathematics and Physics, Amirkabir High School (2), City: Shiraz – Country: Iran, Duration of high school course, starting from academic year (1994-95), finishing in academic year (1997-98) Exact Date: 15.09.1998 Matriculation No.: 70108001

Pre-university: Field of study: Art, School: Razi pre-university, City: Shiraz – Country: Iran, Month and year of the start: Academic year (2003-04) and the finish: Academic year (2004-05)

Associate Degree: ---

Continuous Bachelor’s Degree: Field of study: Playing Iranian Music, University: The College of Fine Arts of University of Tehran, City and Country: Tehran – Iran, Month and year of the start: 2nd semester of the academic year (2005-06) 21.01.2006, Date of finishing academic course: 18.09.2010

Master’s Degree: ---

PhD.: ---